Your inefficiency in giving quality product .

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Maruti Udyog Limited,Spectra motors,Jogeswari(W)

I bought my Maruti Suzuki-Zen Estilo LXI No: MH-04-BT-5894 on 17Th Oct. 2010 from Spectra Motors,Oshiwara,Jogeshwari(W).I filled the air & checked the air pressure two three times.Still my right tyre of the front side use to look deflated.Acting on the suspicion i went to check if there was any puncture & i was shocked to see the drum in rusty condition . After inquiring in the show room as well as service station shocking answer i got was,” Sir every new car’s drum you will find rusty. If you have any doubt you can come down to our show room i can show you any car u wish to see.Hence we don’t give replacement of drums.”
Now each drum as per present market rate is around Rs.4000/-.Does Maruti Udyog Ltd./Spectra Motors Ltd. expect me to spend on the thing in which there is no fault of mine & that to after shelling out around 4.5 lacs right through my nose.
This is disgusting & shameful on the part of Maruti Udyog Ltd. for its ineffciancy in making quality products & of Spectra Motors Ltd. for keeping blind faith on Maruti Udyog Ltd..
I want the answer from you, Maruti Udyog Ltd./Spectra Motors Ltd.


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  1. Nikhil Vasant Kakirde Avatar
    Nikhil Vasant Kakirde

    I hope you will wake up after this call & stop making tall commitments.I wish you will correct your mistake & give me the replacement & save your spoiling image.


    Nikhil Kakirde.

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