Master Policy No. GSCA/610276-Annuity No. 091Qo630150251 in the name of Kanwar Kumar Mehta

Location/place: GURGAON

Name of company/service: LIC OF INDIA, MUMBAI([email protected])

In spite of my repeated reminders I have not received the full detail of the claim settled by the LIC. quoting hereunder the request made by me

quote “I wish to acknowledge receipt of cheque No. 106354 dated 18-08-2010 for Rs. 59626/- toward commuted value due to my commutation amount. You have further informed that annuity amount of Rs. 2610/- for the first instalment due as on 30-09-2010 will be paid.

In regards to the above I request you to kindly provide me the following information by return mail:-

1. The total amount due to me in respect of the above policy.
2. Percentage of amount commuted.
3. Quarterly amount of annuity instalment due to be paid to me every quarterly as I understand the instalment of Rs. 2610/- may be for the period from 16-08-2010 to 30-09-2010.
4. Mode of payment of the quarterly instalments.”unqute

Please help me to get the above information urgently.


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