Nonfunctioning of Videocon washing machine complaint no. GHA 0812100126 on 8-Dec-10.

Location/place: Ghaziabad

Name of company/service: Videocon Washing Machine

The Incharge (Service)
Videocon International Limited
Mittal Court, 17th Floor
‘C’ Wing, Nariman Point
Mumbai – 400 021

Subject – Nonfunctioning of Videocon washing machine

Dear Sir,

I purchased a videocon washing machine from M/s. Videocon, Ghaziabad.
This Washing machine went out of order much before the expiry of the
guarantee period. Now this machine is under AMC.

When it again became defective complaint was lodged vide complaint no. GHA 0812100126 on 8-Dec-10. Service Mechanic visited on 9-Dec-10 and advised that control is faulty and will be replaced
tomorrow. Which has not been done till today evening.

I am contacting Videocon customer Care phone no. 01139404040 daily to ascertain status of repairs. After few days they gave Phone No. 0120-4538900 of A.R. Enterprises, Ghaziabad.

On dialing Phone 0120-4538900 of A.R. Enterprises, Ghaziabad no body attends the calls after welcome message, ring back tone keep coming.

In spite of my frequent complaints and request till today nobody has responded. The call centre always assure to get this problem solved “AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE”. But I have not received any response till now from any officer/ technical person not to say of solving problems.

There is no response to emails sent during last 13 days. Similar is the fate of phone calls. I several times called Phone 9582809181 of Mr. Pankaj Gupta, Service Manager, Ghaziabad. I once spoke to him. Thereafter – his mobile remain unanswered.

Please provide following email ID’s and phone nos.
1. Branch head at Ghaziabad
2. All India Service Head
3. Director looking after sales service

I have paid AMC and am not asking for charities. Videocon have failed to
render service within 24 hours. My calls are not taken. Videocon people do not have courtesy to call back.

I asked them to replace the machine if they can not put the machine in running
order. I also sent copy of this mail to Mr. Venugopal Nandlal Dhoot, Chairman.

Rajiv Kumar Agarwal
Ghaziabad – 201 002

Fax : +91-120-4103471
Mobile : +91-9311607733/ 9810717902

Copy to :

Mr. Venugopal Nandlal Dhoot
Videocon Industries Ltd.
Fort House, 2nd Floor
221, Dr. D. N. Road
Mumbai – 400 001
Tel: 091-22-66113500
Fax: 091-22-66551985
[email protected]


2 responses to “Nonfunctioning of Videocon washing machine complaint no. GHA 0812100126 on 8-Dec-10.”

  1.  Avatar

    I am having the same problem, but more worse is that I purchased my Washing Machine just 9 months back, and in the 3rd to 4th month it already started giving problems, I totally agree with you that the Service Department is the worst,and you have to call them every day, they think that we have all the time and they only are too busy,please I request to the public Do not buy any Videocon products

  2. PS SAI RAM Avatar

    A few days back i also posted a complaint on non-functioning of water supply system in my fully automatic washing machine(videocon). But no response from the company. I suggest that the company should introduce a scheme to collect back all trouble giving machine in an exchange offer with reasonable price. This only can make customers happy. Company’s reputation will be safeguarded.
    Please do something to satisfy your customers on priority basis.

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