wrong treatment by doctor of vikram hospital

Location/place: hyderabad

Name of company/service: doctor

my brother DONKADA NAVEEN ,24 is working in mahindra satyambsg .On 28.8.2011 at about 06.00 p.m while he was proceeding towards his office on his motor cycle,near dell company opp:deloitte ,hi tech city madhapur . he met with an accident ehich leads to three completely broked bones inside his right ankle and he was taken to the near by VIKRAM HOSPITAL ,hiteh city main road madhapur,hyderabad …on the same day the available junior doctor attened him did the first aid and took x ray.the junior doctor explained that 99% surgery is required but as the main doctor is not availablle,the junior doctor said next day morning once the orthopedic surgeon MR.P.NAVEEN REDDY will come ,then he will check the report and thenhe will decide abouth the further surgery and treatment .
as said by the junior doctor that 99% surgery is required so he did all the body check ups whichare requiered to be checked before going to surgery.there after he was directed to meet the orthopedic doctor mr.naveen reddy stating tat 995 surgery has to be done by junior doctor next day morning i.r 29.08.2011 DR.NAVEEN REDDY came and checked the situation of the patient and x-ray and he mentioned that no surgery is requiredand put the plaster on leg doctor didnt even take x-ray to check if the position of broken ankle is in right place after putting the plaster on it which is very mandatory step in the treatment DR.NAVEEN REDDY advised to take rest fro 6 weeks.my brother (patien n victim) doubted and asked DR.NAVEEN REDDY whether the surgery is required as told by junior doctorbut doctor denied and rudely answered by saying that “YOU ARE THE DOCTOR OR ME” and said there is no surgery required and it it will cost u alot and not necessary also.he advised to come to hospital after ten days and asked to take rest for next 6 weeks with the plaster on leg.
acccording on 9.09.2011 patient visited the VIKRAM HOSPITAL to meet DR.P.NAVEEN REDDY to meet in very extreme conditions by taking the cab to the hospital as telangana bandh was going on in the city .after waiting for long time in the hospital doctor did not even checked him and asked to meet after 6 weeks.patient asked that why he is asked to come when there is nothing done then doctor replied “JUST TO SEE YOU ” thats it.according on 5.10.2011 he came to hospital to meet the doctor at about 6.30 p.m.however doctor already left the hospital inspilte being told that doctor is on the way to hospital.when he contacted the doctor again prsonally he was advised to meet the same doctor at APOLLA HOSPITAL,POLISHETTY TOWERS,SECUNDERABAD and was advised to remove the plaster in vikram hospital..assistants removed the plaster on the same evening accordingly on 07.10.2011 he visited and doctor advised my client to take the xray.in that x-ray there is no healing in the bones and they were still in same condition as before 6 weeks and one bone got dislocated which was not happened before 6 weeks when he met with an accident ande even it was not ther in first time taken x ray.he asked the doctor the same an dinsisted regarding surgery but doctor replied by saying that surgery is not required and advised to take 6 weeks rest again and advised to used an ankle strap and non weight bearing walking for next weeks with the help of walker and advised to buy calcium spray which helps the bones to heal.
my brother and fmily members were not satisfied with the treatment and the adice given by the doctor as there was no improvement at all and in addition one bone got dislocated which wasnt there in the xray taken after the accident .hence he went to PRIME HOSPITAL KPHB and doctor said that surgery should have been performed right after the accident that is 6 weeks ago and it is very late now for surgery because of which there is in no gurantee about the 100% improvement in the ankle.there after he went to UDAY CLINIC AT CHAPEL ROAD NAMPALLY ,HYDERABAD for further advise he was given the similar advise .lastly he approaced DR.GURUVA REDDY OF SUNSHINE HOSPITAL.SECUNDERABAD he also advised him the same ..and sai even though operation will be performed but there is no gurantee of 100% pain free ankle movement as treatment is being delayed.DR.GURUVA REDDY sai after 60 days of accident which is very late for operation because of which he wont get 100% ankle movement and there will be a restriction in the ankle movement because of which he will not be able to walk properlythis was on 17.10.2011
accordingly on 18.10.2011 DR.GURUVA REDDY operated the patient.There is no free movement of the right ankle involved in the accident.he is not in a position to go to the place of his employment from his residence.it is not known how long this condition continues.he is totally depends for his livlihood and substance,the employment and restriction of the movement of his right ankle is causing stress and inconvenince as well as monetary loss.

We have sent aN LEGAL notice to DR.NAVEEN.P.REDDY ,D.ORTH,MCH.FELLOW JOINT RELACEMENT(ISAREL),CONSULTANT ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON, by our lawyer K.PRABHAKAR RAO.M.sc,LL.B on 06.02.2012 ….but still doctor didnt turn up with any kind of response…please help us and the society by punishing these types of doctor who have ruined patients lives


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