Making me fool

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service:


Still balance is not credited to my prepaid account.
as discussed with docomo customer care, paytm is responsible for the successful recharge not the docomo.
and they are not ready to take my complain.

So please do the needful because balance is already deducted form my credit card account.
as a customer i am not satisfied with your response.


As discussed with the DOCOMO CC Representative i am sending the details of my transaction.
Still i have not receive balance in my prepaid account.
and also i have discussed this with paytm CC and my bank.(find details in attached mail)

Mobile No : 9766269346
Recharge Sit :
Amount : 150
Bank transaction no : 678290
Recharge Dat : 03-06-12
and more details are attached in mail.

Please do the needful and let me know if more information required.



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