Wrong bill and bad services by MTS.

Location/place: Lucknow

Name of company/service: MTS India

I have purchased MTS M-blaze in April and as at that time there was scheme of paying 3 months in one time and M-blaze free and 6Gb data evrymonth.
But as there services were very bad , and even customer support and company representatives talk different things so even after repeated complaints registered with MTS (of which some I have email and chat script) , issue was not resolved , and so my 2666 rs gone and I got stuck with MTS and at end of three months I asked CC to disconnect but they didn’t do as before. And so I did not pay bill of 850 and then MTS stopped working at all(not even bad services were available now) after 15 more days i.e. 45 days. MTS has very bad customer support. I don’t have problem in paying bill but it should be correct and also company should not tell lies. I have just even again send mail to nodal officers.

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