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Location/place: Cooch Behar,West Bengal

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I purchase a round trip to thiland tour package from on dated 14-05-2012 and may purchase order ID : 557623609,email ID : [email protected],Mobile No.9434116969,after purchase snapdeal representative contact me and tell a Kolkata Merchant contact with me very soon.after some days a Merchant named mr.Saugata call to me and demonstrated about tour detail and sent me tour details by male, after seeing agreement agree with snapdeal merchant whose mobile no.9874316969 from Delta Fave,center,Room No. 22Ph No.03340071543,after long over phone discussion he told me my probable journey dated will be fixed 14th September 2012 and tell me deposited my rest amount rs.14500.00( Fourteen Thousand Five hundred) in his delta fave account no.0457050018009 United Bank of Park street Park street branch of Delta Fave.And call snapdeal care Ph No.01145371100 and told about delta fave, they suggest me according his delta fave merchant, Then I deposited said amount through HDFC cooch behar Chaque No.034580 dt.12-06-2012.After deposited money they give me confirmation tour by mail for 14th September. In this gape time I contact Mr. Sougata Snap Deal Kolkata Marchant,and he asure me about Thailand tour for 14th September, In the basis of our conversation I make leave application in my Factory and taken ticket tom kolkata from Cooch Behar, But 13th September Snap deal merchant call me there is an problem for single journey to Thailand, after long discussion we settle he shortly arraigned a suitable journey with me, and after long try he gave me fixed dated 26th September.Lastly 22nd September I told to him for sent confirmation mail to me and he agree with me and one his office lady staff contuct with me by mobile No.8981383264 and told me for sending mail, but no mail sent,very next day I call Mr.Sougata but mobile is ringing no body answer me,, after try and try received no answer I call his lady office staff and she replied that she already Regine from Delta Fave, Then I dial snapdeal customer care number 01145371100 and the gave me a complain number 1082967,after long discussion with snapdeal staff one snap deal marchant call back me from No.01145650000 and told me that my trip is not book by snapdeal kolkata delta fave marchant and I cant able to going tour, they can up dated status to me, In this time my ticket for next time are booking for kolkata all are in vain,Now I am in Kolkata and going to 113 Park Street,Delta Fave Snap Deal Marchant ,There was none to met me and Delta fave office closed by Snapdeal Marchent.I this situation I am dazzled by snap Deal,I do not understand what can I Do,Please gave me suitable sujation regarding this mater.
Thanking you
Tapan Sarkar
Chak Chaka
Cooch Behar-736156
West Bengal

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