Billed for the services never asked for.

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Standard Chartered

At your service Your Right Partner Standard Chartered Bank (KMM8909294I15977L0KM

This is in regards to the service which I never asked to renew, I was renewed automatically, I have been following up with SC Bank to cancel the wrong Credit card billing, My account was wrongly renewed subscription to the CARD ENHANCEMENT PACK,for which the payment was to be done in instalments, I was adviced to return my recieved kit, which I returned back, after a lot of email correspondence i was assured that the amount will be reversed back to my account,It was a relief to me,it happened aswell in the next months bill,but now again I have been charged with Installement No.10 onwards, for nothing, upon calling the call center never helped, I sent the email to the complaints dept. 10 days back, still waiting for their reply.
Hope SC Bank sees this complaint and helps me.
K A Lateef

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