when it’s a question about Mankind

Location/place: westbengal

Name of company/service: self

Last year BSNL (WestBengal) (Po+Dt-Jalpaiguri – 735101) send a Notice in the name of Ref; settlement of out standing bills against telephone no 221149. Which I tring to attach with this thread
Now My answer is above. if anything wrong or missing point u look then plz clarify me.
I’m sure they are aware of (jpg 221149 ) service holder’s minimum status at least the seniority of her age. nearly 70yrs old and quite helpless and unwell. Physically and Psychologically deteriorating day by day .

// Now let me clear one thing what should my mother do or what she will have to do at first. May be myself or somebody representing on her behalf .//

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  1. 1.To negotiate that the matter as per their allegation letter without knowing the ultimate actual facts and figure
    2 All things will stalled as per their direction and then arising that issues .
    3. Ignoring that matter as per their terms which indeed is in the notice itself.

    With reference to your letter dated 12th march ’09 I state as follows .

    1.Their letter does not give any details about billing and status of the matter in question
    2.They have not clarified such bill when as to on which date such bills were due
    3.The subscriber in question is a senior citizen and quite helpless and unwell
    4.There seems to be no explanation for the matter reaming dormant for about six Years approximately.
    5.The situation is unusual and I shall expect your kind co-operation
    6.The telephone was arranged for by some kind relatives after my father closed his eyes forever and my mother unexpectedly had a serious brain operation. With the best of my believe that phone was granted under senior citizenship scheme and it was maintented on her behalf by my mother’s sister in law (A retried Govt. servant). Who also stays with her.
    7.Now in-between (from the end of 2003 to first of 2004) that phone possibly lapsed due to non payment of bills . however I found some Bills with it’s received copy of that time however details are not cleared. It was also told by my mother that the phone apparatus taken by your department line-man 8. Now after nearly six years the bill questions have again been revived by your sent notice or letter.
    9.in the mean time I’ve been settled in Jalpaiguri I applied for a LAN connection with common normal procedure no questions are raised although the premises are the same . and that was one of the way to make me feel more confident that the matter ( previous phone related Matters was resolved )
    10.From your letters it seems my mother’s connection still exists although there’s no psychical Phone of that number as such
    11. Since both of my mother and my aunt are old and aged . details are not naturally clear.
    12.There doesn’t seem to be any notice or letter about this matter

    Nowas a son I would like to get this matter clarify and settled, as a citizen who user of their services long time . I hope the matter will be resolved amicably and no unjust harassment will be caused to my old and ailing mother and my aunt . Although I’m sure they are aware of (jpg 221149 ) service holder’s minimum status at least the seniority of her age.
    My intention is not to escape or finding that type excuses for avoiding due responsibility. My moral duty is to prevent her getting of any bad name reputation whenever she’s just waiting for her last journey at the end of her life.

    Friends Deeply awaiting for your response your healthy suggsstion .

    Some Upgraded news on that particular issue given bellow
    My Replying letter against that notice has failed in delivery due to the fact of that particular person being not present. and their another stuff ( May be obviously as being not the addressee rejected that letter . but poke their nose and hints about unofficial settlement

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