Be careful

Location/place: calcutta

Name of company/service: BSNL Broadband

I have bsnl broadband home 500(kolkata) and paid advance for one year.after using 4 month we apply to change plan, home 750ul+ after long afford they change it but done it monthly and charge 750 extra for new plan without adjusting our money which we paid in last plan.again after long correspond they do it yearly but did not adjust our due money, and from that day they sending bill every month including late charges without adjusting our money.last whole year visiting from one officer to another,from one place to another there is no one who can solve our problem,now this year they double the amount of bill near about 16500%, they cut my broadband line last year after 15 days for not paying bill,but sending us full bill every month. after doing again and again request to adjust our money and send us bill they continue sending same bill,it is not possible for us to pay such amount for us,at present near about Rs -4600/ due in BSNL (our) it is very difficult to go in court or consumer court,because that is also very expensive and time taking for us.they mad my life miserable .my only crime is this that i applied for BSNL broadband connection. i am writing this latter not only for me but other thousands of innocent people who are suffering in their horrible i requiting every one, before applying BSNL broadband connection please go toBSNL consumer forum and read customers experiences about this Indian government institute, because once you applied it is very difficult to come out and save yourself from their strong grip, you are totally on their mercy.Thanks you, hear we can express our pain.


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