Credit Card Settlement Issue

Location/place: NOIDA

Name of company/service: ICICI Credit Card

This is in regard to settlement and closure for ICICI credit card no. 4477469869754005. In my communication with ICICI on customer service phone, I was offered a full and final settlement of Rs 15500, as on Feb 6, 2010 and the amount was asked to be deposited at ICICI bank, Jhandewalan, New Delhi. As per the telephonic communication with customer care on Feb 6, 2010, I was not told any last date for settlement. Still, to avoid any confusions, I made the payment with a cheque, on the same day as per the telephonic conversation with ICICI customer care. I got a receipt for the cheque from ICICI on Feb 6, 2010. I was assured that my card was fully settled and no due certificate and settlement letter would reach me within 45 days after the payment date.
When i contacted Customer care ICICI again, I was assured that the settlement is validated and I will receieve the settlement letter at my correspondence address. I even got a confirmation mail from ICICI on 10/03/2010, mentioning that ICICI has put my request to
respective department to re-dispatch settlement letter to the given address in e-mail and the I will receive the letter within 10 working days. Also i was asked to wait for 60 days from payment receipt date for post settlement waiver to be processed subject to payment received as per settlement terms and conditions.
Counting on this assurance from ICICI, I waite d for more than 45 days for zeroisation of my credit card account.
Today, when i called customer care to confirm for the zeroisation of my credit card account, I am being told that the settlement stands null and void.
As a customer, I banked upon what ever was communicated to me to setttle the credit card account. Hence, I request ICICI and senior managers to listen to the recorded telephonic conversations which i had with ICICI on Feb 6, 2010. There are no doubts that i was offered
a settlement amount on phone and I made the payment on the same date with the cheque. Also, i was never being asked to deposit the amount via- Cash, still when i asked ICICI jhandewalan branch, I was told that jhandewalan branch does not accept cash but only cheque.
I lodge this complaint against ICICI bank credit card settlement. Please take necessary action against this and get me justice.


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