watch service

Location/place: chennai

Name of company/service: zimson watches chennai

i had gone to this watch showroom in chennai ; ampa mall sometime in july to get a watch for my wife and got a swatch ,costing around two grand. while in the showroom i also got to know that they are authorised service people for seiko watches. i hence went again with one of my seiko watch and gave it to them for general service of the watch and also replacement of the end link pin in the strap.
i got a call from them sometime in september saying my watch was ready and when i went to collect it i found that the lettering inside the bezel had been wiped out on one side and also chipping of the coating near the buttons.when i asked them about it they initially said that it MIGHT have already been like that.i told them that even say i had damaged the coating causing the chipping ;on the exterior how could the lettering have vanished inside the bezel? they never could answer that and asked me to give it to them again and that they’ll do something about it.
after about a fortnight they called me and said that it might take about two months or so since they had to send the watch to the h.o.i have not heard from them since and today when i call them up they say that they’ll only call when the watch is ready.. what do i do?? to top it off if u remember the watch i got for my wife has stopped.


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