Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: ICICI HOME FINANCE

I had deposited with ICICI Home finance fdr no.333H0055873 / FOLIO NO. 333HF0070666 DT. 21/09/2008 FOR MATURITY VALUE OF RS. 29861.16. THE FDR WAS DEPOSITED FOR REDEMPTION OF MATURITY AMOUNT IN ICICI BANK ,LAKE TOWN BRANCH ON 26/05/2010 AND CREDITING MY S/B A/C. NO,.035501001143. SURPRISINGLY MY ACCOUNT GOT CREDIT OF RS.4861.16 ONLY AND REST OF THE AMOUNT OF RS. 25000/- IS WITHHELD BY ICICI HOME FINANCE FOR EARNING INTEREST. IT IS A CLEAR LOSS OF INTEREST TO ME @ 11.5% on and from 16/05/2010 till the date of payment OF DUE AMOUNT OF RS. 25000/-and they are liable to make up the loss. I regret to inform that ICICIbank, Laketown branch had approached SEVERAL TIME Icici Home Finance but you failed to get any convincing reply for non payment. I was forced to refer the matter to consumer forum for redressal of my greivances for creating mental agony and wilfull harassement with due penalty and compensdation . I got my account credited with Rs. 25000/- on 12.07.2010 without any interest for delayed payment. Only on repeated reminder they paid interest fr delayed period (66) days @ 3.50% and on further insistance increased the interest rate to 6.25% in total, but refused to pay further nor make reply to my mails. Now please suggest should I refer the matter to Bank Ombudsman for MY CLAIM WITH DAMAGES?
Pratima Singha A/c. holder 035501001143 / mob. 9432573389 e mail : [email protected]

Mahesh Kr. Singha /09903980419


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