Unfair Bill From Airtel

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is in regard with my postpaid airtel number : 9910954883 Bill. I had taken this number as a prepaid number mainly to use 3G Internet services. I was using 3-5 GB data monthly.
Later in Aug. 2014 I converted this number into postpaid from the prepaid as I had received some attractive data pack offers for postpaid users. After taking postpaid connection I received first bill dated 09-SEP-2014 for an amount of Rs 1824.06 towards your airtel mobile 9910954883.

In October I received an email as below-
We would like to inform you that, you have consumed 100% of the built-in internet data on your airtel mobile. Your current internet usage is approximately 10647.32MB of 10240.MB on your airtel mobile 9910954883 till 6:00hrs, 2014-10-04. You are being charged 3.072 for internet usage. Your current internet usage as on
2014-10-04, 6:00hrs is Rs. 1251.28.

Then I taken a new plan of RS.1500 per month for 10GB data in October.

10 October 2014 The bill was Rs 1824.06

The bill dated 9-Sep-14 for an amount of Rs 1824.06 towards your airtel mobile 9910954883 was due for payment on 27-Sep-14. As the payment is due for more than 10 days, please pay the amount immediately for continued services.
11 October 2014, I received a bill of amount : 7,568.40 with monthly plan of 5,744.34

Bill period: 08-Sep-2014 to 07-Oct-2014

Monthly charge : 5,744.34
Relationship number : 1131916120 Due amount* : 7,568.40
Bill period: 08-Sep-2014 to 07-Oct-2014 Due date* : 27-Oct-2014

I can’t pay this bill, I can only pay as I taken monthly 1500 RS per month, so I will only be able to pay 3000 of the 2 months that I used the number, since then I received this bill 10 October 2014 I have closed to using this number anymore.

I would like to request to give me fair bill accordingly.


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