Problem regarding starting of newly purchased Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire VXI car

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Date:- 23-03-2015
Sales Manager

SUB:- Problem regarding starting of newly purchased Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire VXI car

I have purchased a new Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire VXI car on 11-03-2015 with following details

1 Dealer’s Name Kiran Motors, Chhani , Vadodara
2 Retail Invoice no 2201-R02565-DMR4CD300/11 dated 28/02/2015
3 Delivery Date 11-03-15
4 Delivery Note No 03819/11-3-15
5 Engine No 1533964
6 Chasis No 687335

Yesterday i.e. on 22-03-15 approximately at 11.00 am, the car could not be started. Contacting the service station, the car was attended at about 12.00 PM. The Technician declared his doubt that there can be a problem related to starter and the car is required to be taken at service station.
The breakdown of the car was reported on 23-03-15 to the toll-free-number at about 11.00am. And I was assured that the car will be taken to the service station by the company.
Today i.e. on 23-03-2015 the technician Mr. Dineshbhai had attended the car at about 11.15 am and he toed the car to the service station.
The General Manager Service, Mr. Ashit Desai had inspected the car and he found that there was a problem with the engine. Probably the car did not have enough Engine oil while it was delivered to me. The total running of the car up till now is only 113 Kms. Even the Registration is yet to be done.
So we understand that there is either a manufacturing defect or carelessness of the dealer in giving delivery of the car without thorough checking of all parameters those are required.
So, in this case, at this instance I am without my car. And I require a new car to be replaced to me for the car which I have returned it to the service station of Kiran Motors Limited, Chhani, Vadodara.
I expect an immediate response from your end and early disposal of the issue.
Yours Faithfully


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