Unauthoritized fraudulent service centres promoted by information portals

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Shikha Electronics ,Faridabad

On 11Nov2009 I made a call to justdail to get number of authorised service providers to get my samsung regrigarator checked for a cooling problem in it.They sms ‘ed several numbers and meanwhile distributed our number to one fraud agencency,who immedietly called us telling that they are authorised service providers their company name shikha electronics faridabad.we agreed and the very next day their service guy came .He replaced the timer and a sensor for which he charged 2550(250/- service charge included).for the changed parts he promised 2 yr warrenty.fridge worked for just few days again stopped.I called up the same people,next day he came ,did practically nothing but again charged 250/-,he told to shut the fridge off for a day it will be okay.when the fridge again refused to work I tried his number as well shikha electronics number many times but they never picked up the phone and whenever I tried calling from my other telephone they respond only to give fake assurance that they will get it checked soon .
But these frauds never turned up.Just dail simply answered us that they have freezed the contract with shikha Elecctronics.
But the real volume of the fraud I got to know later when Samsung original service providers came to us .they informed us that the parts changed by the service man of “Shikha Electronics were faulty ones and the actual cost of the changed parts alltogether will be less than 700.
So we were cheated and duped by these fradulent “shikha Electronics “which was in a way through the portal justdail.


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