No Action in almost 5 Months

Location/place: Raipur, Chattisgarh

Name of company/service: Maruti Insurance

My Zen Estilo CG07 M 6507 had an accident on 2 aug 2009 and till date it is lying at the roof of Sparsh Automobile.The vehicle was not even a year old at the time of accident. It was insured from Maruti Insurance as a corporate agent from IFFKO TOKYO. Every showroom of Maruti has a Ad regarding the benifit of Maruti Insurance that hassle free claim settlement, bla bla etc. but in actual its all fake. I have been harassed both from Maruti personnal and Iffko Tokyo serveyor. The workshop says they can’t start the repair unless they recieve the workorder from the insurance company whereas the serveyor Mr. Shyam Chabra says he can’t give anything in writing.Due to there incapability even my vehicles tyres got danaged lying at the roof. Initially the serveyor said that he had filed a case for total loss and finally he came down to cutting and welding of the body parts. The serveyor even wrote a letter to me asking to make estimate for the repair of the vehicle.

Its my request sir to kindly look into the matter and make my claim successfull for total loss

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