Credit Card payment to HSBC

Location/place: hyderbad

Name of company/service: F.S.S

Sir I had taken TATA AIG Maharaksha Accident Policy in year 2007 to 2008.This policy was taken for a yearly premium of 9000 Rs which I paid to TATA AIG through HSBC CREDIT CARD But my doubt is that how can TATA AIG know my CREDIT card Number Details. on that particular year as was paying to HSBC this amount in a monthly mode which was coming to 750 rs and was paying every month requarly.I was out of India for nearly 6month and my policy was about to expire in 2008 FEB. The Insurance company ie TATA AIG as called to my international number when I was in the office and asked me to continue the policy for next year ie for 2009-2010 ,but I told that the existing policy was of no use so i don’t want to continue but the executive was confusing by offering few other policy that would include in the existing policy if i go for renewal he confused me a lot and i told him ok once i get back to India i will rethink about that. But TATA AIG has taken as a approval and had send to HSBC to credit the amount of 19,520 to TATA AIG for the renewaling the policy, My doubt is that if at all renewal has to be done it has to be the previous year amount but HSBC as approved this amount without my knowledge to TATA AIG, How can Bank take it decision on crediting amount from my account without my knowledge. I have pursued this with HSBC BANK as well as TATA AIG but there was no proper response from Both end. Mean while I was getting HSBC STATEMENTS to pay the due which was credit to TATA AIG. I have pursued the bank as well as person when ever I get a call from HSBC to pay the amount the calls used to transfer from one person to other or one department to other department. Even the floor Managers and Managers used to attend the call and there was no solution for my request every time there use to tell me to follow up with TATA AIG. When ever I used to follow up with TATA AIG to cancel the policy there used to tell me that if canceled the amount won’t be refunded back to HSBC. Because of TATA AIG policy The same thing was told to HSBC but it was in wane. I even sent the mail to HSBC but I got a response saying that I have told TATA AIG that I will rethink about it. I told TAT AIG these word because the amount will not be refunded back to HSBC .What should I do I am bugged up with HSBC and there terrifying statements which can lead me to unwanted incident.

Sir I had taken TATA AIG Maharaksha Accident Policy in year 2007 to 2008.doc (22 KB)

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