Nystagmus and low vision patient given wrong glasses and ill treated

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Himalaya Mega Optical Store,bowbazar,kolkata

I, Neha Choudhury, 3rd yr law student, 19 yrs, am a patient of nystagmus since birth. I am 30% visually impaired. My vision was 6/60when I was born. I could not read even the first letter in the optician’s chamber. I am wearing spectacles since I was two n half yes old and am under the treatment of Dr.P.K.Chatterjee. I have always taken the glasses (for past 16 years) from Himalaya Optical (Bowbazar Branch)

I am totally dependent on my spectacles for the smallest chores. My glasses have angles and the angles should be placed at perfect place otherwise, I cannot see.

In the past two months I had to suffer like anything. In this duration I met with three accidents (one at Ballygunje crossing where I fell down while crossing as I was unable to see) and also started suffering with migraine pain ( which I never had before). I consulted my doctor and went for checkups on two consecutive Mondays but my power was same. I and my team of doctors cannot understand why I was having a problem. I was almost into tears that after 18 years of effort my vision had improved 6/18 but still I was unable to read anything. All my courage was shaken. I have never opted for a handicapped certificate as I always took myself as equal but this time I was totally broken. Thereafter, my glasses were examined by my doctor and his team and the fault was discovered in the glasses, the angles not being at perfect places and the frame size prescribed was not the same on Monday (14.12.09)

As usual I had taken my spectacles from Himalaya Bowbazar branch on19.09.09 (power left eye :-2deql 160degree, right eye:-2deql 35degree and PD: 57mm)

I went to Himalaya on Tuesday (15.12.09) and was attended by some Brijesh representing himself as the departmental head. After many arguments they accepted their fault and agreed to supply me a new set of glasses with appology letter on Thursday evening. I told them I would not pay them as it was their mistake.

I could not turn up on Thursday(17.12.09) and went there on Friday(18.12.09) at 11am. Brijesh maintained that he will not deliver the glasses as he needed to verify it from my doctor. I think I had given enough time which could have been inclusive of verification period . Moreover they did not inform me and I had to take all the trouble to go there(that to without glasses). They maintained they did not have my number but it was surprising as I was 16 yrs old customer plus I often receive sms about various discount offers at my mobile number from their shop.

They spoke to me in a very inhumane way and refused to give the apology letter and demanded for the full payment. They failed to understand the pain and problem which I had to face. Brijesh maintained that “You are putting swords on our neck” when I pointed out about the accidents and the migraine pain and added that I was blaming them for no reason. They did not even have the courtesy to speak kindly to a girl who had this grave problem and suffered so much for their negligence.

Moreover, it seems that the owner of the branch is sleeping and is just ignorant to apologize.

I beg you to help me raise my voice against this negligence which could have cost me my life through your reputed forum

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