troubled for verification

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Vodafone

please note this compliant regarding vodafone

i have been using 4 vodafone connections all on my name used by my family. recently the call center from vodafone had called up on one connection and asked for verification. as it was used by a old person (my dad)he asked them to contact me. instead they cancelled the connection and visiting the store they reported that it was done as per the orders of government. further they asked me to submit verification documents and passport size photo for reactivation. i was really troubled by the staff and they made me to travel agian and agian without informing of the complete procedure.they made me to do all the paper work from beganing which made me miss my work and other commitments. they were very ordering and were least bothered about the inconviniece caused.
the phone connection was never misused or had any payment delay or any problem still i had to go through all this which i belive is very much inhuman. please let me know what i can do regarding this

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  1. 13 years ago

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