No Talkvalue Received Against Online Recharge from Mobikwik

CGM, Orissa Telecom Circle and Customercare of Mobikwik
Dear Sir,
On 04.03.2015 I recharged the mobile number of my Wife through Mobikwik(online). The mobile number was 8895484135 and amount of recharge was Rs 100/=. On recharge I noted that amount has been deducted from my bank account and no talk value got credited to the number 8895484135. Immediately I contacted the Mobiwik customer care but they replied that from their end recharge was successful. They asked me to contact the operator’s customer care with operator reference ID: 11112188680 (for Mobikwik Transaction ID: 14254477662812) . Accordingly I contacted the customer care of BSNL from that number 8895484135. The customer care team told me to wait some time. In the mean time I contact the customer care team almost thousand and one times ,but every time that same message is being thrown to me “Please wait for some more time, presently we have no information about this recharge.” What is this? Does BSNL think that it is best of its kind in India? What is the utility of giving so many advertisements in the market (after spending huge amount of money) if the existing customers are not getting satisfied? Almost Almost 6 days are over, but I did not get any talk value against that number. If this is the case how the customer would rely on BSNL system. I thought of writing my complaint to customers’ forum and different social network sites, but before that I thought it would have been better if I approach BSNL authority first. Hope BSNL authority will look into this matter and will take the necessary measures accordingly so that I get that talk value or the amount in form of refund.
I will request both BSNL authority as well as Mobikwik Team to look into this matter so that I get my refund back or the corresponding talkvalue for the said mobile number.
For your convinience I attached the copy of the email received from the desk of Mobikwik
Dr Indrajit Chakraborty


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