I ordered a backpack from Myntra on jan 3, 2015 and the expected delivery date was jan 12;But i did not get that on time, so i sent my request to customer service;In reply they told that it got delayed and you will get within 4 days for sure;After 4 -5 days, They started telling that it is lost somewhere;And after 2 3 days i received a mail informing that the shipment returned as undelivered at warehouse and finally they told that we can not deliver this item;Re-order the product from website; They were running a discount of 50% when i placed the order and now they are not providing me that discount;
On March 9, Once again got the a mail from Myntra regarding the same product specifying that we tried a lot to deliver the product but we could not make it because your contact number was not reachable;But In actual no one came to the delivery address even once;Now they started blaming me for the fault they made;
I have mail communication for everything ;


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