Service Charge during warranty period

Location/place: Chennai/Tamil Nadu

Name of company/service: IFB/ Washing Machine

I purchased a new Washing machine from IFB DIva (CW) MOdel on 3.9.2010. However, till date the same was not installed. When I enquired with the company, they said that for this model they will charge a service charge of Rs. 300/- for installation. Apart from that they also said that during the warranty period if i make any call for service, in case of defect in the machine, I have to pay Rs. 300/- as Service Charges per call and the defective parts alone will be replaced free of charge. I think this is quite stupid and they have not informed all this in their advertisement or in the shop where I had purchased. My request is that Consumers should think twice before they decide to purchase any product from IFB. I am just waiting for clarification from IFB. If i am not going to receive any response from them regarding service charges during warranty period I will not install machine rather i will break the machine in front of full public view.

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