Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: ICICI BANK

It is to bring under each & every one’s notice notice that, I have been continuously harassed by Mr.Kulkarni from ICICI Bank Credit card collections department.He has been regularly harassing me for the Third Party Credit Card collection.He has been calling on my residence no as well as on my Mobile No:9019555686 regularly.Mr.Vishnu Kumar the Head Service Quality Dept whom I forwarded a mail for this Nuisance calling but he didn’t do anything towards my complain.I am getting nuisance calls from your collection dept for Mr.Suhas Joshi on my mobile no.9019555686 as well as on my land line also, on 08/09/2010, twice I got a call from 9769498668 at 16.41pm&on my land-line also at 16.45pm.I don’t understand that in-spite of making so many request why do I get these nuisance calls on my no.The person Mr.Kulkarni who calls me from his mobile No:9769498668 he is using vulgar language with me as well as with my family members.I asked him about his first name, from where he is calling, which branch he is calling but he is not ready to provide me any details.He will hung up the call.Today 13/9/10 at 16.58pmpm he called up on my mobile I told him wrong no again he called at 5pm & asked my name, I said I am Mr.Hebbar speaking, he disconnected the phone.He immediately called up on my land line no which was picked up by my daughter, she called me & told that some one is using very rubbish&uncivilized language&he is giving his name Mr.Kulkarni so I again asked him all the details that from where exaactly he is calling&which branch of ICICI Bank, but he was not giving me any details.I asked him that from where did he get this no?He said that this No is given me by Mr.Suhas Joshi.So I told him that I am not that person for whom he is looking for.I told him that I will report to the police then he hung up the call.This has become almost daily nuisance.As I have mentioned so many times to Mr.Vishnu Kumar\”The Head Of The Icici Bank Quality Dep\”but I think he doesn’t bother to take care.He has never given me assurance regarding these Nuisance calls.
Just to inform here that neither I am having any account from ICICI Bank nor having any credit card then why am I being harassed by ICICI Bank so frequently?When ever I asked caller that \”from where did you get this no?They always reply that Mr.Suhas Joshi gave this no.So I just want to ask a question to ICICI Bank authority that did they ever confirm on this particular No:9019555686, before giving the redit card or loan that this No;9019555686 belongs to Mr.Suhas Joshi?No never simply they gave credit card to that person Mr.Suhas Joshi without confirming any details.And now when Mr.Joshi is defaulter they are calling on my No:9019555686 which was never belonged to Mr.Suhas Joshi.Now it’s a height of my tolerance.So I request here in this forum pl.look in to this matter & do need ful to my complain&see to it that there should not be any more calles from Goons like Mr.Kulkarni.
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