poor santro service

Location/place: karnal

Name of company/service: hyundai

i own a santro gl purchased on 18-06-2009.

Owner- Parul Singh

chasis no. – MALAA51HR9M430692E

engine no. – G4HG9M780868

Dealer – Samta Hyundai, Karnal Haryana

car reg no. HR-05 Y 6113

i have been facing multiple problems with the car since the day 1 with steering, brakes,engine, water leakages.latest of the event is i had been to the agency Samta Motors Karnal.

I told them that there is a water seepage in the car through the boot space, it has been rusted and the board has now rot, i was told that the car was taken to high water area n it entered, i was not satisfied and insisted them to check as i was complaining of it for the last 7 months . I had made so many visits to the service centre but no use. Finally i just got it checked myself in the market with some denter , i am sending the pictures along with this mail.

My question is that is this the way company is giving the service .This is my first and would be the last product from hyundai motors. please check with the job cards and the problems i have been telling the service manager repeatedly.
I want to make sure that if any appropriate action is not taken i willmake sure that the company also feels the heat which i have been facing for the last 1 year.

i tried to contact your service personal in chennai before sending this mail.

Kind Regards
Parul singh
246 b model town karnal.


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