Location/place: CHENNAI

Name of company/service: STC TECHNOLOGY, STC THIRDEYE

This Chennai based company STC Technology,
STC ThirdEye which are into Software Testing
are the biggest cheaters I have ever seen
in my life. They collected from me Rs.50000
for training and placement with MNC company.

The training was sub standard and very bad
in nature but tolerated only in the fond hope
that I will be placed down the line. But even
after completing the training, one year got over and they have not placed me. They are not even
refunding the placement fee of Rs.30000 also
when I ask.

But as promised by them, I got fake experience certificate
with fake pay slips which I don’t even have the courage
to use for the purpose of getting credit cards. However
they are bold enough to issue such type of certificates.

They practice very unethical business and it
is waste of time and waste of money if anyone
joins their institute. They will not do
justice to student community. Only God can
punish such type of companies.

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