Dragged by The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking

There are so many complaints and it has become a routine to see the conductors into a quarrel with passengers, mostly because they are in a haste to ring the bell before everyone waiting at the stop can even climb into the bus. This is to inform you with a lot of regret that certain Government bodies like BEST transport that does not care about human life earn a bad name not only for themselves but also for the Nation as a whole. It is because of them that people of the country have taken a dislike towards these so called “Government Services” and target them as and when they get a chance.
I received a call from my dad who was on his way to Dadar when he said he had been in an accident with a bus, on hearing this all my family members were worried and we made a mad dash for the spot. On arriving we saw that he was badly bruised with his clothes torn and had scratch marks all over his body and blood oozing from the scratches, by the grace of god there were no serious injuries, however it was still a very troubling sight and on inquiring no one had noted down the bus licence plate. All that we know about it is that it was BUS No.1 and had arrived at Mahim Causeway at exactly 1:10 which was going to Colaba.
My dad who is 74 years of age was dragged along with a bus while he was trying to board. This unfortunate incident took place while he was waiting for the bus at Mahim Causeway going to Dadar. After a long wait in this October heat he sought a sigh of relief when he spoted bus number 1 at a distance at 1:10. Little did he know that he was about to be dragged along with it while trying to get in. The driver of this bus halted the bus which was almost empty a little further from the bus stop and as people were trying to get in the conductor rang the bell, the bus took off so as to say there were some terrorists trying to board it. Not only my dad but also a couple of others fell. Since my dad was among the last ones to climb he was holding on to the door handle, but the conductor did not heed to their cries. Unfortunately there were not many people in the bus or else I am sure they would not have gotten away so easily.
Can anyone please guide me how to get these BEST employees punished for their inhumane attitude.

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