Money not refunded , even if i have not taken the connection

Location/place: bangalore, karnataka

Name of company/service: Tikona wireless services

I Aditya Bansal from bangalore has applied for a tikona wireless connection somewhere around 27-june-2010.
Your person has come to my place and collected all the necessary documents and a Cheque worth rs.800 from me.
Next day one of your technician come to my place to install the connection and told me that the connection is not feasible due to weak signal strength. He also told me that I’ll get my documents and cheque back . But after 4-5 days I came to know that the cheque has been presented in the bank and money has been deducted from my account irrespective of non feasibility of connection.

After that I have called the customer care atleast 10-15 times requesting them to refund the money, every time they use to tell me to wait for 10-15 days. But its been around 4 months and I still didn’t receive my money back.

I don’t understand in first place why the hell these people present the cheque if connection couldn’t be installed and moreover they think I don’t have my own work leaving which I had to deal with these people to get my money back.

I don’t know the way they work , but this is highly unprofessional.

Aditya bansal
Ph – 9986543434 ( as provided for connection)
User name – ******8248 ( as received from their end )



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