Pending money refund from ebay india against a returned item since 30 days

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Ebay India Pvt. Ltd.

We have purchased a infrared thermometer through ebay india at a cost of 1999/- On 29.08.12.
After receiving the item, it was found that the item is not matching as per said specification.
Then we returned back the item to the seller through dtdc courier (bill no. K58249371) on 15.09.12.
Ebay have a policy that, if customer is not satisfied with the item they will refund on returned item.
We also file on ebay for refund request & also mail to ebay.
But till now no response from ebay.
Their customer support team does not give proper satement and also not response properly.
Strong action should be taken against them.
They don’t know cheeting is not healthy for business.

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