Request to do a needful action against a cheating case through an BSLI employee (Mr. Rubul Mahanta), Christianbasti Branch, Guwahati

Location/place: GUWAHATI

Name of company/service: BSLI

Respected Sir,

With due respect that I am going to inform you that an employee of BSLI, Christianbasti Branch, Mr. Rubul Mahanta, probably an Agency Manager had misguided me showing more interest than actual. He told me that if you invest only for 5 yrs. in the BSLI Vision Plan, you will get 19.5% with compound interest per annum and moreover Rs. 1 lac will be given either after death or after 100 yrs. of my age and the plan will be matured in 5yrs. and whole money will get within 1 month of last premium. And if you are not able to invest after 1st premium, you will get the money back as per IRDA law. That’s why I invest Rs 26,541/- as a 1st premium ( Policy No. 005112973). But when I get the policy I dont get to see the benefit on the policy as he says. So, I asked him about the matter, he told me that it is not mention in the policy, if you don’t believe I shall give you in writing about the interest and started to show some business like I am going to Mumbai, after return I shall meet you and give you in written so so . Again I like to mention that Mr. Rubul Mahanta is also a active member of Bar Association of Guwahati.

In the mean time a phone call comes to me from outsider asking to invest in BSLI as BSLI giving 26% P.A. in a plan, So, I asked Mr. Rubul Mahanta about the call of giving 26% P.A. in a plan, Then he told me that BSLI is giving 26% in a new launch plan of 5 yrs., if you invest you will must get 26% P.A. with other bonus which pay by BSLi time to time and told me that a marawari family invest one lac each of 5 members of the marawari family, whereas he can manage me to invest in that plan. So. I again invest Rs. 50,000/- as first premium for 5 yrs. He told me that you will get the matured amount just within a month of last premium for some official works i.e. after 5 yrs. ( the time of matured). After investment again he started to avoid me showing some business. After some day when I show the policies to a man related to insurance company, he told me that you will not get that amount of interest as shows by Rubul Mahanta, you will get only 5 to 6 % p.a.. Then I decided to complain in BSLI Branch of Chandmari, and my complain has been launched on 16/07/2012 and there after two request letter, but I didn’t get any proper solution. There I come to knew about the first policy (No. 005112973) that I shall get only Rs. 1.22,000/- appox. against my investment of Rs. 1,32,705/- in the period of 5 yrs. and I despaired totally. I believed Mr.Rubul Mahanta with blind eye as he is son of my Maternal Aunt, I didnot think that he will cheat me for his profit, so ridiculously.

Now, I have no option to invest further in the policy no. 005112973, because if I invest the rest amount in any bank, I shall get more amount than that amount which will get from BSLI after matured. That’s why I decided not to invest further. And in the policy no. 005447049, he told me that I shall get the matured amount just after 5 yrs. with 26% compound interest p.a., but now I come to know that this plan will matured in 10 yrs. and I have no ability to wait for 10 yrs. and if I run the policy for 5 yrs. there is no guarantee of return amount i.e. how much I will get.

So, I request you sir please do the needful and help me to repay the hard income money. That is my kind oblige to you sir.

With Thanks.

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