Pear Print Pack Faridabad UV is Fraud

This company is a fraud company.. The owner name is Mr Manpreet (+91 9810 382 882)…I found him online and approached him to buy a UV curing machine urgently …The person told me to Pay Rs 70000 so that he can start the work…I paid him Rs 80000. After receiving the money the attitude of the owner changed and he told me the he wont start my work if I dont pay him Rs 3 lakhs more I dint have Rs 3 lakhs that time so I requested him to please start my work and once I come there I will pay the balance amount i.e Rs 220000 the owner of the comapany (Pearl Print Pack) Mr manpreet told me that it is not possible to start the work if I dont pay the balance amount ….I was also frightened because he told me that if I don’t give balance amount Rs 220000 he will file a case against me…I was thinking case are you serious…what is my fault dude…I was very frustrated and upset by his behaviour so I asked my money back…but he told me that he already started the work which he dint and faced loss more than Rs 80000 so he wont pay me back… he is a very arrogant person …I wish him all the best I might have lost Rs 80000 but I saved more than that by giving business to some other good and professional company in bangalore…and please dont think that am his competitior or whatever…its your money your decision…my advice is JUST STAY AWAY from PEARL PRINT PACK FARIDABAD ADDRESS: 661 / 42, Jawahar Colony, N.I.T, Faridabad, Haryana
…there are far much better AND PROFESSIONAL companies than This DONT WASTE YOUR TIME MONEY AND ENERGY NOT WORTH IT.

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