Tricking customers in billing even when requested to discontinue the service

I got an internet connection from tikona installed on 25th December, 2014. The connection did not work on multiple occasions starting from 28th December itself. After multiple requests and numerous calls with technical helpdesk of Tikona, I requested Tikona to discontinue the connection, Tikona team mentioned about the 10 day period where they will try to retain me as a customer by offering me a solution. In case the issue is not resolved, they will discontinue the connection. They were supposed to call me during this period. Instead of a call i got a message from Tikona about they not able to reach me, and that i should expect a call from 3 numbers mentioned in the message. no one called me. The next mail i receive from them tell me about the continuation of service, as they have seen usage in my account and by which they assume that i want to continue with the service. They have sent me a bill for advance payment.

This is a clear case of tricking the customer with an objective to extract money out of the customer.

Tikona has made processes such that a customer is not allowed to leave the service instead he is made to make payment for service that he has not even availed

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