Fraud done by reliance mutual funds

Dear customers,

Be careful while purchasing mutual funds from Reliance. It is a big cheat company.I have purchased two gold fund from them around three years back. I wanted to redeem my money and stop the further purchasing. The request was sent through post. The customer care people acknowledged the receipt on phone they redeemed my money but did not stop deducting my money through ECS. Despite many calls and reminders they kept on deducting my money without my permission. Due to some reasons i was not in the position to go to bank and put up the request to stop ECS.

Every time when i tried getting my money back they put me into a tedious procedure of filling in the form and posting it. And every time they deduct transaction fees. This is the amount they charge for the transaction which they do through my bank account without my permission. My fight with them is on. But I will request all to keep away from Reliance.



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