Not fullfilling customer needs and hiding product informationfrom customer.

Religare Securities representative(Rupesh Dubey)hide the information about R-ACE account and collected Rs 15500 in Jan 09.They informed to me while sending the operational kit that scheme is valid for one year from the date of receiving the kit.Which i objected and asked to run the account till i generate brokerage equal to Rs. 15000 (as the religare representative informed me while collecing the money from me).(As per religare scheme,service will be free upto Rs. 15000 brokerage for securities.)
Now after so many writing and telephones when i asked religare help line team to send me the paper of the contract between us,they are neither responding nor sending the contract paper.
It is to note that i had already informed to Mr. Rupesh regarding(while opening account) that i am small investor and i can not generate more than Rs 3000 per year.
Trading User ID :N209021 and CRN:1000766515 has been alloted by Religare.
Concludingly,1.Religare hided productinformation from customerand now they are compelling to trade on their terms.2. No concent has been taken from me while activating the account. 3.My money(Rs 15000) is dead with them for no return from Religare.4.Religare is not giving necessary information(copy of contract)to me.
So i am being harassed by the company mentally as well as financially.


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