Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Apollo Munich Insurance


Dear Sir,
I Have An Attack Of Appendix On 22 March. I Admitted In Saraswati Hospital And Cancer Care CentreOn 23 March And Discharge On 26 March. The Total Cost Of Treatment Is 32,200/-. I Paid 2 Payments1.10,000/-(adv) 2. 22,200/-.I Paid All Payment In Cash And I Have All The Paid Receipt N Stamped and signatured Document. I Submitted All The Document To Apollo-Munich Insurance Company For Claim. But After 18 Request And Mails Still Its Not Cleared.
In The Investigation Report Company Say I Pay Only 25000/- Cash Rest 7200/- In Cheque (Later On Cheque Has Been Bounced). I Complaint Several Times To Apollo Munich That I Cannot Gave Cheque To Anybody If You Have Any Cheque Return It To Me. I Cannot Claim For Single Rupee. I Take Treatment Amount On 5% Interest Rate. Every Time Company Gave Me A False Assurance That It Will Be Sort-Out Very Soon. But Still The Same No Response.
I Have All Hospital Document Paid Receipt With Signature And Stamped.

Sir Please Help Me And Please Tell What I Have To Do Because I Don’t Know What I Do.

Thank You
Your Faithfully
Ajay Sharma(Patient Name)
Age 32 Yrs
UHID- 10000688490
Insurance Co.- Apollo Munich

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