Location/place: gurgaon

Name of company/service: superon hyundai

my phone number is 9990625464
my invoce number is B201008093
i had send my hyundai accent for service on 4th june 10 at 10 am and i recived the car back at 4:30 pm. my assisting person was mr avinash singh. the car had satins on the oter body even after the said that they washed the car . from the inside the saets were dirty.the boot carboard was also wet bron from 2 places and bend out of shape.when i compalied to mr avinash he said that he would get the car washed again but for that he told me to leave the car for 1.5 hours.thats it after it was already there for 6.5 hours and for the carboard he said “sir anyways you dont have to sit in the boot” . when i asked that why did it get broken he said “if the people working were educated then they would not have been washing here ” i was very very dissatisfied by hyundai’s service even after charging so much i do not get quality work.


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