Complaint for the undelivered UPS under offer scheme (Redemption code is MNJWNZPSEC)

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: HP

I’ve bought one Compaq Desktop PC (SN: INA84703R2) & I didn’t get the UPS (as mentioned in the offer) due to the unavailability. After a long battle of mail and counter mail HP India (innovative support, changhar, India, email [email protected]) have agreed (as per attached mail bellow) to send the Reebok Kit instead of UPS which contains:

1. Reebok Wrist Watch

2. Reebok Sun Glass

3. Reebok Bag

4. Reebok T- shirt

But the thing is that, once again HP has shown cheating attitude towards there customer. This is very sorry to say that it confirms your dishonesty and unethical approach to the business. Instead of getting the above mentioned items, I’ve got only the Bag & Wrist Watch. I don’t know what happened to the other equipments. I became spellbound because of the immoral act done by the company like HP without caring about its market reputation. I’m requesting you to look into the matter and let me know the details about the shortfall of the committed offer as early as possible. If possible please get back the incomplete Reebok Kit and send me UPS as per offer.

Thamks & regards
Jagadish paul
Mob: 9477229495 & 9231503462


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