Increase in renewal premium by 4 times

Location/place: Lucknow

Name of company/service: Reliance Healthwise Insurance

Respected Sir,

This is with ref to the email recieved from Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd. as detailed below, regarding my Healthwise policy (gold) running for the last 3 years and going for renewal for the 4th Year.

Now i have been informed that i need to pay (approx) Rs. 11,000/- instead of (approx) Rs. 3000/- paid last year for renewal premium of Healtwise Insurance Policy.

Sir, Here i would like to submit that it would be impossible for a middle class man to pay such a huge difference of renewal premium for the same Health Insurance Policy.

Sir, I had 3 years back purchased this policy keeping in mind its long term cost and the respect for your esteemed company to honour its commitments and responsbilities towards the general customer.

Sir, I think this hike of renewal premium should not be forced upon the existing customers and should be kept only for the new business.

For your ref i am attaching the premium sheet that was provided to me along with the proposal 3 years back so that i can foresee my further year renewal premiums and plan my health insurance renewals accordingly with such a huge company like yours.

Sir, Please review your premium structure because this revised renewal premium would not be payable by your existing customers like the undersigned.

I hope you are not wanting your existing old customers who have supported your company and its products initially during its growth stage now to go away / or silent way of saying get out of the policy now (by not renewing the Health insurance policy at such high renewal premiums) because we are low cost enterants of your product and now you would like to have customers who can pay high premiums and thus get good returns for your company and your products.

Sir, i would once again request you to kindly review your revision of the Healthwise Insurance renewal premiums and instruct the concerned official to get in touch with the undersigned so that the renewal premiums can be paid as per the last few years premium sheet attached for your kind reference also please find attached the Gold Policy of the undersigned for your reference and kind perusal so that the same may be renewed at the earliest at the same renewal premium.

At the end i would only like to say that i would not like to exit my old heartheld policy because i would not be able to pay the increased renewal premium. kindly please do something so that your old loyal customers stay with relinace GIC for long and pray for your success always.

Warm Regards

Amit Mohan Gupta
Mob: +91 9335225775


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