I had deposited ICICI Home finance fdr no.333H0055873 / FOLIO NO. 333HF0070666 DT. 21/09/2008 FOR MATURITY VALUE OF RS. 29861.16 IN YOUR ICICI BANK ,LAKE TOWN BRANCH ON 26/05/2010 FOR CREDITING MY S/B A/C. NO,.035501001143. SURPRISINGLY MY ACCOUNT GOT CREDIT OF RS.4861.16 ONLY AND REST OF THE AMOUNT OF RS. 25000/- IS WITHHELD BY YOU FOR EARNING INTEREST. IT IS A CLEAR LOSS OF INTEREST TO ME @ 11.5% on and from 16/05/2010 till the date of your payment and you are liable to make up the loss. I regret to inform you that your Laketown branch had approached you SEVERAL TIME but you failed to give them any convincing reply for non payment

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