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On 11th May 2009, my father Mr. V. Gangadharan who was admitted in Apollo hospital as an emergency case on 8th May 2009, expired due to renal failure and probably some other complications. It is very natural in India to accept such happenings as the will of the god and continue with your rat race called ‘Life’. It is for the family and other near ones to take the loss in their stride and continue with the rat race.
However, I have been forced to think differently and strongly believe that there has been medical negligence on the part of Apollo hospital. The reasons are as follows:-
• My father who had been on a silicon catheter, inserted at Apollo hospital on 25th April 2009, came for his first post cardiac bypass surgery review on 4th May 2009 at Apollo hospital. The bypass surgery was done at Apollo hospital on 18th May 2009. The cardiac team expressed satisfaction on his recovery process. He then proceeded to keep his appointment with Dr. Ajit Saxena, Head of Urology department, around 1300 hours.
• The trouble started when he visited OPD to consult Dr. Ajit Saxena, Head of Urology. An already stressed out patient was asked to undergo CBG test which incidentally his junior refused to complete when he saw that the patient was bleeding. He was of the opinion that since the patient had undergone a bypass surgery very recently it was wrong on the hospital’s part to further traumatise him with such tests and suggested postponement of the test. However, by this time they had removed the catheter.
• A new silicon catheter was inserted after lots of struggle. In fact the juniors were not able to insert the catheter and Dr. Ajit Saxena personally had to get the same inserted. By the time the catheter was inserted it was 1800 hrs. It had really taken a heavy toll on my father who was now feeling completely stressed out and tired. Dr. Ajit Saxena was well aware about my father’s condition as his haemoglobin level and other reports were shared with him before he started the process.
• On 7th May 2009 around 0800 hrs my father collapsed and by the time they took him to the nearest hospital, his pulse was almost gone, he was nearing cardiac arrest. The Orchid hospital doctors did a commendable job reviving him by using CPR. They also confirmed with an ultrasound that he was bleeding somewhere from the urinary bladder and that there was a big clot forming in the bladder. They removed the silicon catheter and skilfully inserted a normal catheter, bypassing the clot, within minutes and with the least discomfiture to my father. They immediately found out that his haemoglobin level was around 3.4 and started blood transfusion and at the same time also started irrigation of the bleeding in the bladder. On reaching accepted level of stability in consultation with Apollo Doctor Dr. Deepak Kapoor, he was shifted to Apollo hospital under emergency on 8th May 2009.
• The Apollo cardiac team of Mr. Naresh Trehan also confirmed the above findings. They confirmed that his bladder has been bleeding and my father’s critical condition was due to the negligence of the Urology department. Though the clot was removed from the bladder by Dr. Ajit Saxena on 10th May 2009, it seems the harm was already done.
During the period 4th to 6th May 2009 we were in constant touch with Dr. Ajit Saxena as there was blood in my father’s urine and urine output was low. My father did not die because of God’s whim. He was killed by Dr. Ajit Saxena’s negligence. He overlooked my father’s existing condition, did not take due care while inserting the catheter, did not take any proactive measure to pre-empt the possibility of bladder bleeding due to insertion of catheter, did not even suggest routine checking of haemoglobin level, did not suggest any ultrasound despite our request, did not take any step to find out whether the blood in the urine was due to fresh bleeding and suggested washing of the bladder whenever we complained regarding low urine output and blood.
I want to know from you as to what happened on 4th May 2009 at the Urology department with my father and why it happened? How could a reputed hospital like yours be so careless? What do you plan to do with Dr. Ajit Saxena who is not in his best of health? Is he going to continue treating hapless patients like my father? How could a reputed hospital engage a doctor who himself is not fit? Does his poor health have anything to do with his careless attitude?
I would like to get a detailed report from your side and your action pertaining to the same. My intention is that no other patient should suffer the way my father did in the hands of Dr. Ajit Saxena and his team.

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