ICFAI denying recipt of Payment fees.

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Housewife/Student


I have made the payment(denovo fees) to ICFAI Hyderabad on 6th Dec-11, thru Standard Chartered credit-card having below details-

Credit card/No.: Standard Chartered/XXXX−XXXX−XXXX−0594

Date of Payment: 6th Dec-11

Transaction ref no.: 74678721340068896060822

Payment Amount: Rs.6000/-

We are mailing ICFAI Hyderabad since then(i.e Dec-11). But they are continueously denying the recipt of payment & giving standard reply as below-
Dear Ms. Aparna Pathak,

Please note that, as we intimated earlier that we are not in receipt of the payment towards denovo. On receipt of the same, the necessary updtations can be done at our end.

Student Services Department.”

I had even sent the Standard Chartered credit-card statement’s screen-shot, but they are denying the recipt of payment.

I am unable to re-register & give exam due to this missconduct from ICFAI.

Hoping that this concern of mine will be addressed soon.

Thanks & Regards


Aparna Pathak

[email protected]
[email protected]



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