Harrassing after 2 years even after clearing all the EMI.

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Bajaj Finserv

Dear sir,

My loan account number is 4020CD00026313

I had purchased a samsung refrigerator and took loan from Bajaj Finserve Pune on nov 2009 the laon amount was Rs 5800 and the EMI was Rs 725 for 8 months which stated from january 2010 and eneded in oct 2010.They had been deducting the EMI from My bank account on the 5th of every month without fail. And also there was just 1 bounce on the 1st installment as my account was new and there was no balance so i had paid them Rs 350 as the bouncing charges as it was my fault.i was happy that they had called me to inform about it and so made the payment immediately.

But now after 2 years of completing my loan i get a treating calls from their people saying that i need to pay Rs 625 as a bouncing charges.First thing i dont understand is why didnt they inform me about the bounce as they did in the first instance,I could have clarified the issue with my bank as there cannot be the problem with funds as it is my salary account.Secondly i had clarified now with the bank after getting the call and have even taken the 3 year old statement but there is no cheque bounce statement.And also how they remebered that i have an overdue of Rs 625 after 2 years?I really feel that they are doing it just to harrass me.

Every second day i get the promotional offer in my email form bajajfinserve then why could not they have intimated me about the 2 bounces.This is really not a professional way.And since i had left Pune i could not collect the NOC that is why they have created all the false acount statement and are harrassing me for Rs 625.They are calling my parents in Pune and treating them of dare consequences if i dont pay Rs625.Is this the way to treat the customer after paying all the dues?
if anybody wants to advise me can contact me on [email protected]

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