I lost my credit card in November -2007 and blocked my card same day and registered a FIR but it had been used before my complaint. After that I made contact with Barclays customer care so many time but every time I got same reply your case under process I requested them to investigate where this fraud took place but they never took any initiate to sort out this case. After a year I started to get calls from different location to make payment but every time I explained my case with every one but nobody solve this case. Finally I got lot of harassment from Barclays end and I agreed to settle my case and I have given Rs.5000 cash and a cheque of Rs. 5000 which had been bounced due to insufficient fund in my bank account. I accepted that was my mistake and again I have given same amount cheque which neither bounced nor clear. I have check with Barclays customer care they told me it has been bounced while I have enough amount to clear the cheque and I crossed check with my bank they gave me a different feedback that is barclays sent a scan copy of the cheque to Reserve bank of India which was clear that is way my bank stopped the payment and my bank told that there is no need to issue a fresh cheque. After that incidence I got 10 to 15 SMS from Barclays to repay else they will take a legal action under IPC 138.

This is my honesty that I have settled my credit card account while I never used. According to Barclays customer care fraud was Rs. 30000 and I have the settlement letter from the Barclays end.

Now I have been fad up and want take an action of my mentally torture and harassment.

Please suggest me what should I do ?

I am waiting for your positive response ASAP.


Shahrukh Ali Khan

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  1. 14 years ago

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