Goods missing from air shipment

Further to the email attached is the goods rcvd doc in Colombo

nittabuwa.doc (145 KB)


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  1. Looking at your attached documents, it is clear that there is a difference in weight between what was sent and what was received. If DPEX is not responding to your emails, there are two things you could do:

    1) Pay a visit to their office in Bangalore and discuss the case in person. (In case you are in the same city, and we assume so because the documents mentions your address and DPEX address as Bangalore)
    2) In case you have moved out, have a local contact(in Bangalore) contact an advocate/lawyer and have a legal notice drafted with the details of your complaint and attached proof/documentation. This should not cost much and usually takes a few hundred rupees since the level of lawyer need not be high.
    3) Step 2 normally works in getting the company to act, but in case it does not, seeking recourse in the district consumer court is the next thing to do. This is a clear open and shut case, so the court will rule in your favor.

    Dealing with companies in India (in case something goes wrong) is troublesome, and you might have to spend many hours just to get back something which is rightfully yours.

  2. Dear Sir

    I have sent one parcel from Mumbai to China. the track no. 210003873763, this parcel i sent on 14th Feb 2011, consignee didn’t received this parcel till time. this parcel delivery have most urgent. about this matter already i had told in Dpex Andheri office, but didn’t reply from them. already 10days has been passed to sent it. please you check & deliver this parcel urgent.& revert in my email.

  3. Your cranium must be prontctieg some very valuable brains.

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