Fraudulent Provogue wrist watch offer linked to ICICI Bank

I had placed an order for a Provogue wrist watch under the ICICI BANK-Provogue linked offer 0n 18 March 2015 (Order No. 105938437). On the Provogue site I was shown 3 options – the first two were for watches with smaller dials (presumably ladies watches) one with a white strap and the other with a brown strap, and the third was for a watch with a much larger dial (obviously a gents watch) with a black strap. I had opted for the ladies wrist watch with a brown strap, and accordingly Rs 299 was debited from my account.
I received the watch in 4 days. Imagine my surprise and dismay when I received a gents watch with an oversized dial and a brown strap. Neither the Provogue customer care number works (022-3065 3160), and nor have they replied to my email asking for the gents watch to be replaced with the ladies watch I had ordered. All that sales talk about easy, hassle-free returns on the Provogue website is hogwash. My faith in ICICI Bank too is shaken for linking to such an unscrupulous company as Provogue. Going by the complaints here on this forum it looks like the fraudulent activities of Provogue have persisted for long. Yet ICICI Bank continues to promote this Provogue offer?


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