Apple iPhone 6+ screen breaking problem

Hi Reader,

Till now I was thinking Apple is the best phone and have bought an Apple iPhone 6 Plus not even 1 month back on Feb 27th and today on Mar 24th, the phone has fallen from coffee table and screen has been smashed badly. Apple has claimed that the screen of iPhone 6 + doesn’t break but it has broken after falling from a table only. The phone is costing somewhere around 60K and it doesn’t even go for 1 month, this is not acceptable from a brand like Apple.

And I am really disappointed with the response from Apple customer care India, they have said that they can’t help it and apart from being sorry from their side nothing else can be helped and I am supposed to pay Rs 27000 for the full panel as they don’t have the screen parts.
This is really disgusting, at the same if I will compare I have bought an iPhone 4S from London and the screen has been broken, Apple has replaced my full set.

IMEI No: 354383065406250
Apple Caseid: 769066696

Sharwani Das


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