Dear whomsoever it may concern,

This is in reference to the discomfort which, I being a consumer,
faced from a very renowned company named SONY. Sony is so widely known
for its features, capability, creativity, unlimited variety and much
more, that I being a consumer fascinated and truly convinced by the
company ordered a TV for my personal use.

Details of my TV: Sony BRAVIA TV model no. KLV-40S550A, serial no.
6161405, Purchased in December 2009

It costed me Rs. 62000 at that time. Now after just 5 years, when it stopped working thereby only green LED glowing, I got my complaint registered in the company. The company proposed me to change the main board of the my TV in Rs. 12000 which was already not acceptable to my pocket. After my endless calls, the company has intimated me of their failure by saying “SORRY SIR, THE MAIN BOARD WHICH NEEDS TO BE CHANGED IN YOUR TV IS NOT AVAILABLE IN OUR COMPANY.” and mailed me for the same. In addition to it, they have offered me a discount of 25% on a new TV and a ONE year warranty on the same. Now that seems to be a joke. The company is trying to BE-FOOL me as such perks are always offered by the company to lure the customers at large.

For instance, if I now look for another new TV costing Rs. 60000 and as per company’s offer of 25% off, the new TV would cost me Rs. 45000. Now when I have to invest such an amount again in just 5 years (on an average Rs. 10000 per year), better option is to invest in a property atleast it would be beneficial to me.

A company whose mission as mentioned is “TO BE A COMPANY THAT INSPIRES AND FULFILS YOUR CURIOSITY” can in anyway has the right to give such a response? They say “EVERYTHING WE DO, IS TO MOVE YOU EMOTIONALLY.” Yes, very correctly stated, I was carried away at that time that I purchased this company’s product, and also now I am carried away with the fact that I made a wrong decision and a wrong investment in a wrong

The company is trying to portray something which they can’t fulfil.
This is just one incidence which I suffered from. I am sure there must
be many other victims too.

HOW WILL I GET JUSTICE, as the company upfrontly has decided not to
help me in this matter.


The ditched consumer

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