Deduction of money and automatic activation of services

Location/place: Gurgaon,haryana

Name of company/service: Idea cellular

I took a new connection in november and sice then idea has been torturing me.initially they activated a service named music station without my wish and deducted money from my account.after a no. Of calls i got my money back but this time they started a CH99 magazine service on 17 dec 2010 again without any request from my side and since than they have been deducting 3 Rs after every 3 days.i called in their call center but nothing happened.many times they said systems not working call later.then i called 198 and requested for diiactivation and refund of approximately called them 5 times but nothing has been done to solve my i request if there is some department to see to my problem plz help me otherwise now i will go to consumer forum for my issue.


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