complaint against Maruti suzuki dealer Rohan Motors greater Noida

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: rohan motors – Maruti Suzuki Dealer


bought a Maruti A star from Maruti Suzuki Dealer Rohan Motors Greater Noida . on 2 Sept 2011 .along with the cost of the car, the dealer also charged additional 33000 from me to get the car registered .
On 2nd September , 2011 when I went to Rohan motors to take the delivery of the car , I also submitted my address proof documents etc. to Rohan motors
Also to make sure I had submitted the documents to their DSA by mail as well .
Rohan motors assured me that my car will get registered within 15 days .
For 20 days I didn’t get any response from Rohan motor after 22 days when I called up Rohan , to my shock they said they had not received any documents from me and that I had not sent any mail as well (though i had proof of sent mail)and that they haven’t even applied for registration .
when I complained against their conduct to Maruti Suzuki Ltd , Rohan Motor’s GM Mr Mukesh Tyagi called up on my cell phone (which thye claimed they couldn’t get in touch with me on )and said how dare I file a complaint against them , and threatened to file an FIR to the police saying that I am driving an unregistered vehicle and he will make sure that my vehicle is taken away from me .
After that I send the documents again by mail to customer care of rohan motors my mail (I received a read receipt back from the customer care department)
for some reason after this Rohan sent a representative to physically collect the documents from me . I was ready to give them the documents the fourth time , they also tried me to sign away the complaint i had made to Maruti , when I refused to take back the complaint against Rohan , they said they wont take my documents now and will make sure my vehicle never gets registered . they will find so many loop holes

I am at the end of my endurance and really feeling harassed by the same , Please help


Shuchi Garg | Business Analyst| Wipro Technologies| Phone: +91-9555202853| Email: [email protected]

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