force to use Value added service

Location/place: Nashik

Name of company/service: Airtel


Before three months ago don’t know why Airtel started blog service on my number which costs Rs 10 every month I didn’t needed that service and even I didn’t knew how to use it. I called customer service and they said they have disconnected it and it will disabled within 4 hours but it never I called them at least 4 times in three months and every time they say service has been discontinued and balance has been refunded but still that service active and balance not refunded and they are still stealing my money, I even tried to disable that service from *123# it’s says it’s disconnected but still it doesn’t get disconnected also they have blocked my number and I’m not even able to call customer care, I was an biggest idiot to switch from vodafone to airtel. Please help.


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